Pretty Face, Dirty Feet

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Pretty Face, Dirty Feet

By Erika Echeverria @EvesBK

“Women, please keep your heels on at the end of the night or plan on wearing some that are more comfortable. You spend so much time getting dressed to look nice, often times to only end up drunk and barefoot walking through the casino. Seriously, not a good look” – Las Vegas dress code

We have all been there. We purchase that really cute pair of heels, which we just KNOW are going to cause pain. After all, pain is beauty is it not? Don’t be that girl that ends the night barefoot with cute heels in hand. I see all too often, by midnight, those shoes you so meticulously obsessed your entire outfit over, are now being held in your hand, the corner of a night club, or worse near the DJ booth because for some unproven reason you think it’s “safe” in that area. Your shoes may be “safe” but your feet & overall health is not.

Drinks are poured, and spilled just as frequently throughout the night. The dance floor soon is full of sweaty dancing people. Think of all the people inside of the night club having a good time, some sweating buckets. Take a guess where for the most part, those thousands of sweat droplets land? On the dance floor!! As the night goes on, think of all the things that fall onto the dance floor. Can’t think of any? Here’s a list:

***Sugary alcoholic drinks
***Broken glass from bottles
***Moist candy
***Chewed up gum
***Fecal matter (if they stepped in poo, now so did you)

And lets not leave out the familiar story of the guy who literally CAME to party… and did so all over the floor or some girls outfit

Below are pictures of girls barefoot out & about & a simple solution to the problem:



Let’s cover some of the many “things” you can contract should you happen to walk barefoot at a night club:

**Athlete’s foot – an infection of the feet caused by fungus
**Staph or pseudomonas infection – a group of bacteria that can cause a number of diseases as a result of infection of various tissues of the body
**Highly infectious fungi – such as Onychomycosis (also known as toe nail fungus)
**Hookworm – an intestinal parasite spread through fecal matter
**Bacteria – Single-celled microorganisms which can exist either as independent (free-living) organisms or as parasites
**Dirty looks from potential hook-ups

High heels are for big girls! So learn how to wear yours before you end up as part of the dirty feet club. Invest in good shoes, purchase some heel support, carry back up shoes, or invest in Dr. Scholl’s “Fast Flats”. Going barefoot in the nightclub is gross, not sexy at all, and puts your health at risk!

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That’s typically the response you’d get from an unhappy patron who doesn’t get their song request played, especially after throwing a few dead presidents on the table. But with all due respect, the DJ will play your song – but, probably not at the exact moment when you’ve asked for it.

I’m guessing you go to clubs to dance, let loose with friends, get your drink on and of course, hear your favorite songs played. In your mind, the DJ should play requests to keep guests coming to the club, which in turn should keep the club packed, right? Well, that’s not necessarily true. The DJ has an agenda for the 4 or 5 hours he has to perform and is meticulous about which songs to play and at what time of the night they should be played. He may get creative with a few mash-ups or classic hits, but for the most part, he will try to keep it familiar. His intention is to build up the excitement and intensity as the occupancy level of the venue increases so he can play those top requested hits.

Okay, here’s the scenario…typically, the club opens its doors about 10pm, but the majority of club-goers arrive around midnight. If the DJ plays all the top hits early in the evening, he won’t have any “money” songs to pack the floor with later. Why doesn’t the DJ just play the song again later, you ask? From experience, most club jocks rarely duplicate songs in their sets. They may use a different version or remix of that hit record.

It may still not make any sense to the guest or patron at the club, but to the jock it reinforces his credibility and reputation of a “good DJ”. They create the ambiance for you at the nightclub. They want you to have a good time and dance your butt off. They also want to play your requests, but please don’t be disappointed or call the DJ names if he doesn’t play your request when you want – he’s just doing his job…he’s not your personal jukebox.